Quality Assurance and Safety Commitment Quality Assurance and Safety Commitment #%SPLIT%#

Since 1998, TWS has produced more than one billion safe, high-quality batteries, demonstrating the company’s dedication to safety and quality. Safety and quality are the primary focus at every stage of the development and manufacturing process, including design quality, the quality of incoming materials, and stringent process control to ensure product safety. Using Six Sigma methods to drive production quality, TWS strives to develop and produce products with a close-to-zero defect rate. Our Product Quality and Safety Committee is composed of senior technical experts with nationally recognized technical qualifications. All the company's products are only released to customers following the Committee's approval. Approval depends on rigorous examination at every design and production stage from R&D through final safety checks before shipment in order to ensure the product meets required standards. TWS regularly conducts consumer-oriented market research on the company's products, using the feedback obtained to grasp rapidly-changing customer needs and to improve product safety and stability.

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