Intelligent IT and Data Warehouse System Intelligent IT and Data Warehouse System #%SPLIT%#

As a technology leader, TWS believes that intelligent IT systems can contribute to the company's high efficiency and enhance core competitiveness and productivity. Focused investment in IT infrastructure creates sustainable competitive advantages and strengthens TWS’s leadership in the industry. The company deploys innovative computer-aided production systems such as SAP and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) which help speed up time-to-market and exercise better cost control. These benefit customers as well as contribute to TWS's Knowledge Management and build an overall production information network to ensure the free flow of information. Additionally, the Data Warehouse System strengthens interaction between various systems and access to relevant information by acting as a central repository of data from all systems.

The use of SAP is complemented by the company's self-developed MES. Synergy between the advantages of each system helps improve production planning in MES while generating more meaningful and timely SAP system data to enhance work efficiency. At the same time, internal management software such as the company’s intranet, Exchange, and RTX systems facilitate secure and dynamic communication between customers, partners, and employees. This dramatically enhances staff productivity, helping save costs which are passed on to customers.

TWS’s IT system facilitates management of the entire supply chain from vendors' suppliers to clients' customers, helping to improve response time and customer service levels. Furthermore, the company's powerful IT management system ensures the security of operational data, protecting customers' Intellectual Property. All data records are kept for over ten years, providing a complete set of records which supports learning from experience and better-informed operational decisions.

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