Contributing to a Sustainable Future Contributing to a Sustainable Future #%SPLIT%#

TWS is actively committed to the cause of global environmental protection and dedicated to making a strong contribution towards a sustainable, healthier, and cleaner environment. TWS corporate environmental strategy and objectives include reducing the use of environmentally hazardous substances, minimizing its carbon footprint, and promoting the conservation of energy and the efficient use and reuse of resources.

TWS works to fulfill these objectives in several ways:
  • Through products - TWS works to develop and improve clean, non-toxic and non-polluting energy sources for the next generation.
  • Through processes - in addition to complying fully with environmental laws and regulations, TWS’s ISO 14001-certified environmental management system helps to minimize waste and pollution and to maximize energy-efficiency and recycling throughout company operations. Employees receive training on environmental issues to ensure successful operation of the system and to encourage them to apply sound environmental principles in their daily work.
  • Through "green" purchasing- TWS looks for materials and components that have been produced in an environmentally responsible manner, and give preference to suppliers who share this environmental dedication.
  • Through services -in finding solutions to customers' needs, TWS aims to help them develop more environmentally friendly products using clean energy.
TWS is committed to continuous improvement of its environmental performance and plan to actively participate in environmental associations and bodies to exchange ideas and experiences with others across various fields.

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